So, you want to buy a puppy.

Before you contact us, please read and understand the following.

Availability of Puppies.
We have just one breeding female and occasionally have puppies for sale. We are closely networked with many reputable AKC labrador retriever breeders, and will refer you to them whenever we do not have puppies available.

Pricing and Terms.
We sell puppies to the public for $2,500+Tax on a limited AKC (non-breeder) registration basis. That means: a) We ask owners to spay/neuter their oololabs' dog after one year of age; and b) We register litters with the AKC in a manner that disallows subsequent oolalabs offspring to be registered.

We occasionally work with qualified not-for-profit service-dog foundations to place and AKC-register oolalabs dogs for their breeding and training programs. If you are the breeding program director for such an organization and wish to discuss our breeding terms-and-agreements (or our dog's health/DNA/COI/pedigree history), please contact us.

Adoption Qualification Process.
Anyone interested in owning an oolalabs' puppy must call us for qualification via a phone interview before being placed on our pending $625 deposit list.

Deposit Requirement.
Once qualified, you will be placed on our pending $625 deposit list. Your deposit check - made out to oolalabs - must be received within 10 days of our qualifying phone call. If we do not receive your deposit within this time, we'll release your hold on an oolalabs' puppy and will email you to give you a chance to complete your puppy deposit. Deposit checks are held - uncashed - until the puppies reach 6 weeks of age: See Puppy Selection and Payment Processing, below, for details.

Pick-Order / Gender Preference.
When we receive your $625 deposit check, we'll place your name on our oolalabs' puppy buyer list in "pick-order (designated gender preference)" priority. At the time that the litter is born, if we do not have a puppy with your designated gender of preference, we will give you the opportunity to: a) take a puppy of the opposite gender from the current litter, or b) refund your deposit. We retain the right to first pick of both puppy genders from each litter for our future breeding programs.

Whelping Shortages/Exception Handling.
Sometimes a litter is too small to provide enough puppies for those on the oolalabs' puppy buyer list. When this happens, we return your $625 deposit and can contact you at the next breeding at your request.

Puppy Selection Event and Balance-Due Requirements.
For each litter, we offer a 24/7 Nursery Cam, which allows prospective owners to watch puppies under development to aid in their final selection. At 6 weeks, we invite those on our buyers' list to attend an open house in our home. Selections are finalized - based on pick order - and all deposit checks are cashed at this time. The balance of the puppy price - $1875+Tax on the $2500 total - will be due at week 8, when puppies are picked up by new owners. All final payments made at time of pick-up must be made in cash (or certified cashier's check). If you wish to pay the "balance-due" by check, you may do so at this 6-week selection event. Your check payment will be deposited immediately. If you cannot attend the 6-week selection event, you must notify us prior to the event and make other arrangements to fulfill your selection and balance-due requirements.

Puppy Pick-up and Final Payments.
At 8 weeks old, the puppies go to their new homes. As mentioned above, any remaining balance due must be made in cash (or certified cashier's check) at this time. Puppies are only released if and when full payment is rendered. We make no exceptions.

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